Riverview Memorial School

Serving students in Central Maine for 100 years with quality Christian Education
Growing Christ-like characters for eternity

Yay! Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 school year!

RMS is off to a great start of another school year!  We have a great group of staff and students who are journeying together toward excellence on Earth, and eternity with Jesus.  

Join us on the journey!  Come back often to see highlights and photos of our school in action, find forms and resources you may need during the year, and to learn how you can help our school progress toward the future as we build on the great tradition of educational excellence that has been taking place at Riverview Memorial School for over 100 years!

Visit our Support RMS page or click HERE to see what RMS needs this year.

Did you know RMS has a student referal policy? Check it out HERE.
It's a great way to grow RMS and grow God's kingdom!


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