Riverview Memorial School

Serving students in Central Maine for 100 years with quality Christian Education
RMS Agriculture Industry
  • RMS has been in existence since 1915.

  • RMS is a PreK-10 grade Jr. Academy with 51 students. 

  • RMS is considered the main evangelistic outreach for the Norridgewock SDA church. 

  • RMS sits on about 104+- acres of land. 20-30 acres(?) are usable fields. 

  • RMS has on it's property a small farm stand called "Country Cupboard" with excellent exposure to a busy Rt. 2 highway. 

  • Country Cupboard has been run by church members on a volunteer basis. We have grown our own crops: corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, beets and squash. Country Cupboard has also bought and resold produce at wholesale prices. However, Country Cupboard has never realized it's full potential because of lack of man power. We now have a team of dedicated church members that want to see this industry succeed. Now we want and need a manager to take our vision further.

  • RMS has an agriculture program that students take for academic credit. We grow flower/vegetable seedlings. The program is self supporting. We would like to increase class involvement with Country Cupboard's operations.

  • RMS' mission statement is "Growing Christ-like characters through the study of the Bible and principles of Christian education." Our first priority is facilitating a growing & saving relationship with Jesus. 



Our vision:

  • As an administration and school board we want to fully follow the counsel for our schools found in the Spirit of Prophecy. 

  • This council includes training our students in manual lines of labor that include agriculture. The Spirit of Prophecy is clear that there is no line of manual training of more benefit than agriculture. 

  • We want to utilize that land and farm stand to create an school industry that will accomplish the following:

    • Be a evangelistic witnessing tool to the surrounding community.

    • Provide a much needed source of income to help sustain RMS.

    • A means of employing our older students to help pay off tuition. 

    • The industry will equip students with the necessary skills to be missionaries around the world and the garden will be another means of getting to know God.  


Pieces in place for the completion of this vision:

  • 30+ acres of usable farm land.

  • Process has been started to become organic.

  • Heated greenhouse behind school.

  • Farm stand built with great exposure.

  • Tractor with implements. Bushhog, disc, rototiller, etc. 

  • Student participation via the agriculture class. 

  • A successful Christmas tree and wreath program.

  • Two health food stores in area that already purchase from us. 

  • A church member has committed to purchasing 50 fruit trees and 250 Christmas trees.

  • A supportive church constituency and school administration. 


What we are looking for is a manager to operate Country Cupboard. The qualifications we are looking for include but are not limited to:

  • An individual who is a committed Seventh-day Adventist that agrees with the counsel found in Spirit of Prophecy.

  • An individual that has agriculture and small business experience. An expertise in agriculture is more important to us than business savviness. 

  • An individual that wants to be a "missionary" right here in the U.S. We currently do not have a lot to offer financially.

  • An individual that is willing to work with the staff and students at RMS. We expect that this manager will maximize the potential of our land, run the daily operations of Country Cupboard, utilize volunteer and student help for the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of produce.