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Common Ground fair



On Friday September 21st our 5-10th grade classes went to the Common Ground Fair. The trip was from 9:00am till 3:00pm. I interviewed Ethan Poissonnier on of the 8th graders, who attended the trip.

Mr. Malaguit and Mr. Schlisner assigned the student a list of things to complete. Two of the things that really stood out to him was

    1. make felt ball out of alpaca fur,

    2. watch the sheep herding,

    These were two of his favorites. He had said that his most favorite part was watching the sheep being herded because it reminded him of the alpaca's. One of the main things that really stuck out to him was the food he says that it is really good, but he had also mentioned that it was really expensive and that it was worth the expense of $5.00 a veggie berger. He found a guy that made beams and shingles by just using an ax this was really interesting and stuck out to him.

        The common Ground fair is a tradition that we carry on each year. The fair shows us that still today there is people that carry on the old traditions of woodworking, naturally getting their wool from sheep, and how to use natural things that will help our surroundings. They also show us how to work with nature to help us and our future generations with the earth and how to protect and maintain it in a nautral way. these trades that they have carried on and now are showing us is a privladge most of the things that they now and are showing us has been forgotten like how to hand weave baskets. Or to grow our own food and how to preserve it naturally. They also show things that they have made in the past or things that were invented that would help the earth like solar power, windmills and how things like this will help the earth, instead of using like oil, gas and other things that will harm the world. One year I was told that they made a car that was powered by like some type of substance that was natural and it showed that you don't need gas to power a car and how you can use other things that are natural and non-harmful.