Riverview Memorial School

Serving students in Central Maine for 100 years with quality Christian Education
We have four wonderful students in the academy classroom this year!

Our classroom is a 9th and 10th grade combo class and though we may be small in number, we are doing great things! Mr. Kohls is the homeroom teacher, teaching most of the classes, with Mrs. Edwards teaching English and Health.

In every subject area we make a conscience effort to integrate faith into the curriculum. The students are taught how to develop a relationship with Jesus and are encouraged to make a lifelong commitment to living for Him.

The students in this class get along very well and create a family-like atmosphere in which each person feels loved and respected. Each of these young people is serious about setting a good example for the younger students and are truly good role-models.

We are active and spend a lot of time out of the classroom every day through our agriculture program, and on Life Skills and Community Service labs when we spend time every Friday in hands-on experiential learning that help us develop practical skills for success in life, a strong work ethic, and the mindset of service to others in need around us.