Riverview Memorial School

Serving students in Central Maine for 100 years with quality Christian Education
Wondering how you can support RMS?

2015 was a great year at Riverview Memorial School! We celebrated 100 years! It would not have been possible without 100 years of generous people who have supported our school with their love, time, talent and money. God has truly blessed us with caring staff and volunteers! 

Below are some current opportunities where you can lend a hand ~

We are in need of the following:

     Copier Paper
     Colored 'butcher' paper
     New Biology curriculum
     New Algebra curriculum
     3 bay sink for the kitchen
     Sponsors for Art Clinic and Music Clinic

Volunteer Opportunities: 
Our very resourceful principal has a list of projects this summer. If you would be interested in helping with some repairs or odd projects please contact her at 634-2641. It's a great way to support RMS!

You're financial support is always appreciated!
Because of generous donations we were able to purchase a greatly needed new furnace! It was such a blessing to have a new furnace to keep our students warm this past winter. What a difference your giving makes to  our school and our students!

Thank you for your support of quality christian education at Riverview Memorial School.

If you wish to make a donation to our school please click below: